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great work it was fantastic! i loved the idea it was trying to be a Hentai film and the main hero just didn't get the clue haha! great work and animation!

that was fantastic! very well done. I could be wrong, but it seemed inspired by samurai jack art style. I look forward to seeing more!

JarrodPrince responds:

Ah yeah man those Scott wills backgrounds! Can't wait to do some more

Oh hey that was really good. haha gross and funny!! Great work on the art and the colors too!

slumpbasic responds:

thanks a lot for your comment <3 ill be posting more

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this is totally awesome! great work! I love your stuff. the animations is top notch

great job!

well i really enjoyed the mechanics and the art style is very cool. but to be honest i would have much rather have been dodging spikes and mines and fighting motorcycles roadwarriors or something. overall it was pretty bland.

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yeah! this is awesome! really has a great groove to it !! Nice work!

Hyenaedon responds:

Thanks! =}

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Awesome. She looks great! Your style is super clean and you put a lot of detail in her adornments and her feet. She reminds of a character from Breeding Season.

BONESofBURIED responds:

I appreciate it. I'll probably be using this style for a lot of my future work. She also resembles a character from Devilman

Oh nice work! I wish more artist would do Invader Zim stuff. It was such a good show, although sometimes disturbing ha! It's a shame they didn't continue the series..

Hey Nice work! Snow White banging the Dwarves has always been a fun subject. I wish you showed a little more of Snow Whites figure though. But as always your color and shading is awesome and your style is excellent!!

bloadesefo responds:

Thank you!

I enjoy drawing, illustration, and animation. Most of my work is mature and/or nsfw but not all. Feel free to message me or comment on anything! Enjoy!

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