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great work it was fantastic! i loved the idea it was trying to be a Hentai film and the main hero just didn't get the clue haha! great work and animation!

nice work!

Chrlinatro responds:


that was fantastic! very well done. I could be wrong, but it seemed inspired by samurai jack art style. I look forward to seeing more!

JarrodPrince responds:

Ah yeah man those Scott wills backgrounds! Can't wait to do some more

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this is totally awesome! great work! I love your stuff. the animations is top notch

great job!

well i really enjoyed the mechanics and the art style is very cool. but to be honest i would have much rather have been dodging spikes and mines and fighting motorcycles roadwarriors or something. overall it was pretty bland.

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yeah! this is awesome! really has a great groove to it !! Nice work!

Hyenaedon responds:

Thanks! =}

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Awesome. She looks great! Your style is super clean and you put a lot of detail in her adornments and her feet. She reminds of a character from Breeding Season.

BONESofBURIED responds:

I appreciate it. I'll probably be using this style for a lot of my future work. She also resembles a character from Devilman

Oh nice work! I wish more artist would do Invader Zim stuff. It was such a good show, although sometimes disturbing ha! It's a shame they didn't continue the series..

Hey Nice work! Snow White banging the Dwarves has always been a fun subject. I wish you showed a little more of Snow Whites figure though. But as always your color and shading is awesome and your style is excellent!!

bloadesefo responds:

Thank you!

I enjoy drawing, illustration, and animation. Most of my work is mature and/or nsfw but not all. Feel free to message me or comment on anything! Enjoy!

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